Star Wars: Jedi Challenges Announced with New Augmented Reality Headset

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Today, at the D23 Expo gaming panel, Disney and Lenovo announced an augmented reality headset coming soon for mobile platforms.

Disney Vice President of Advanced Development Mike Goslin introduced the concept.

“AR has always been a big part of the Star Wars stories. it’s always been really important. My personal favorite though is the Holo-chess game from the Millennium Falcon. We’ve always wanted to create that game and the technology just hasn’t existed to do that until now.”

Disney has also partnered with Lenovo and LucasFilm to create the AR headset that was demonstrated during the panel. Goslin promised unprecedented Star Wars experiences coming with it.

“This will let everyone experience their favorite moments from Star Wars like never before.”

The headset allows players to slot their phones horizontally into it and look through the reflection. They then premiered prototype footage featuring Hol0-Chess and AT-AT battles on Hoth, all happening atop a living room landscape.

Goslin also introduced Star Wars: Jedi Challenges, an AR game that is meant to mimic players wielding a light-saber, and will be the first to be released. The teaser trailer – which you can see below – also demonstrated an AR peripheral light-saber that would operate alongside the headset to allow players to “awaken their inner Jedi.”

More information about Star Wars: Jedi Challenges can be found at the official website. The teaser trailer for the game as well as screen captures from the announcement can be seen below

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