Star Wars: Empire at War’s Multiplayer Is Restored in New Update

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In 2014 the online functionality of Star Wars: Empire at War was shut down following the closing of Gamespy.

Now, three years later, developer Petroglyph Games and Disney have released a new update that brings back multiplayer support for the Star Wars RTS. Giving you a really good reason to download the game on Steam again, finally.

Here’s a short list of all the changes added to Empire at War in Petroglyph’s latest update:

  • Steam multiplayer support in both FOC and EAW
  • Enabled selection/list of player mods on hard drive, including mods via Steamworks
  • Enabled windowed mode support
  • Additional bug fixes and optimizations

If you don’t know, Empire at War is a real-time-strategy game that takes place during the Galactic Civil War on the Star Wars timeline. It featured insanely epic space battles as well as exhilarating ground combat featuring vehicles, ships, and troops that were not in the films.

The game even got a really cool expansion pack called Forces of Corruption. It puts you in the shoes of a pirate faction looking to go head to head with the Rebels and The Empire. Empire at War also featured a really cool modding community that added a ton of replay value to the game.

Star Wars: Empire at War is available now on PC.


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