Star Wars Battlefront II Developers Discuss How Three Studios Come Together

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Earlier today, developers from DICE, Criterion, and EA Motive discussed their collaboration and how three studios have been able to come together to work on Star Wars Battlefront II.

Sitting down for Playstation Blog, Craig McLeod of DICE, Mark Thompson of Motive, and Matt Webster of Criterion discussed what they’ve learned from Battlefront 1 and what it means to be making an entry in the series that encapsulates the original trilogy, the sequel trilogy, and the prequels.

“I think it’s first of all the opportunity. We want to bring the lot and I think it’s something Star Wars Battlefront, you need to bring these centers of excellency together. You’ve got the experts with decades worth of experience making multiplayer experiences, you’ve got these guys that have come forward and building a new studio with that expertise and narrative and character action and my home studio, Criterion, I mean we’ve had a little bit of the speeder bike in Battlefront 1 and we know vehicles deeply and we wanted to express that speed and the game feel of not just the vehicles but the other parts of the game that we get to work on. So really it’s a tight collaboration that represents three significant studios coming together.”

When asked if this was EA’s biggest game that they’ve ever worked on Webster went on to say this:

“I think it certainly feels the most ambitious in terms of the amount of things to play with and the breaking of new ground in particular it certainly feels like that to me.”

The melding of the three worlds means that players will have a lot at their fingertips, and they had especially demanded a single-player story mode, and on that front the game appears to deliver.

You can check out the full interview below. At over 20 minutes long, there’s a lot to take in, though fans of the series, and those interested in Star Wars Battlefront II may be interested in hearing the rest of the thinking behind the game.

Star Wars Battlefront II releases on November 17 for Xbox One, PS4, and PC. You can check out our preview of the game here, as well as well as EA’s response questions of competetition between Destiny 2 and Call of Duty: WWII.

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