Star Ocean: The Last Hope Getting 1080p/4K Remaster for PS4 and PC

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If you missed Star Ocean: The Last Hope during the Xbox 360 and PS3 generation, there will be soon another chance to play it.

Square Enix announced a remaster of the game coming to Japan for PS4 and PC, with graphics cranked up to 1080p or 4K, depending on the platform you’ll play it on.

Star Ocean: The Last Hope was originally released exclusively for Xbox 360 in 2009, as part of the rather unsuccessful campaign of Japanese exclusives that aimed to make the Microsoft’s console popular in the archipelago of the rising sun. A PlayStation 3 version followed the year after, in 2010.

While the game is basically Star Ocean 4, it’s actually a prequel to the first title of the series, and follow the adventures of Edge Maverick, Reimi Saionji and a gradually growing group of companions as they travel through space and time.

Star Ocean: The Last Hope: 4K & Full HD Remaster will launch in Japan very soon, on Novermber 26th for PS4 and PC. The western arm of Square Enix has not announced a western launch yet, but the previous Star Ocean remaster for Star Ocean: Till the End of Time did come to North America and Europe, so I’d expect to see an announcement for this one soon-ish.

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