Star Citizen Reveals New Hammerhead Starship; Crowdfunding Passes 166 Million Dollars

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Today, Cloud Imperium Games revealed another new ship that will join the universe of its upcoming space simulator, Star Citizen.

Introduced in a video that you can enjoy at the bottom of the post alongside a batch of artwork and the dedicated brochure, the new ship is the Aegis Dynamics Hammerhead.

The Hammerhead is a 100 meter-long patrol ship, literally bristling with guns and missiles. It carries nine crew members and has six manned turrets and two unmanned ones, topped by a nice array of missile launchers.

If you’re thinking of buying it before the game launches, it won’t come cheap, as it’s currently on sale starting at $550. As usual, it’s worth mentioning that this kind of purchase is done exclusively to support development, but it’s entirely optional. The Hammerhead, like all other ships, will be purchasable with in-game credits when the persistent universe launches.

The Hammerhead isn’t the only ship we hear about today, as the video also provides an update on the Reclaimer salvage ship and the massive Javelin destroyer, which is the second-biggest ship announced for the game so far.

On top of the new assets, Star Citizen reached a new crowdfunding milestone and is now past 166 million dollars. To be more precise, the game is now sitting on $166,075,217, with 1,919,197 registered users.

Before you check out the video and images below, you should keep in mind that the author of this article backed the game back when it was announced. You can also check out yesterday’s announcement of the Anvil Hawk.

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