Star Citizen Gets New Video Showcasing Overhauled Player-Controlled Turrets

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Cloud Imperium Games released a new video of Star Citizen, focusing on the overhaul done to player-controller turrets.

In preparation for the launch of alpha 3.0, the team went in and changed the way turrets work, since before it was quite difficult to hit anything.

We have a new crosshair system, and a system that allows turrets to compensate for the ship’s movement. The UI has also been improved, with the goal of making the whole process intuitive as it should be.

Animation related to the turrets has also been updated, so that entering and exiting your post will look natural. You can also set dual turrets to have both cannons shoot at the same time, or alternating fire for a steadier stream of bullets.

Turrets also compensate for your own ship’s body, so you can’t actually shoot through it. It also creates interesting blind spots for attackers.

We also learn that alpha 3.0 is now in the hands of the Evocati testers, which means that it shouldn’t be too long before all backers can get their hands on the build.

Star Citizen is currently sitting on $160,644,509 in crowd funding, pledged by 1,887,137 supporters. Before you head down to watch the video, keep in mind that the writer of this article is one of them.

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