Star Citizen Alpha 3.0 Finally Releasing for All Backers Tomorrow

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Today Chris Roberts’ Cloud Imperium Games announces with a newsletter to all backers that Star Citizen’s alpha 3.0 is finally going to be released officially.

The wait won’t long as the official release to all backers will happen tomorrow.

According to the developer, the “heavy lifting” to create the content, tech, and systems for version 3.0 has been completed, and now that players will bring their ships in the game, the team can optimizations, feature consolidations, and polish for the first quarterly release.

In fact, a few months ago, the studio announced that after the release of 3.0, developers would move away from releasing massive updates once in a blue moon, and would instead do smaller regular updates every quarter.

Cloud Imperium Games also thanked all the backers for their support, which made the development of the game possible to begin with. Star Citizen is a crowdfunded game, and the current tally is $174,205,097 with 1,944,320 registered users. For the sake of full disclosure, the author of this article backed the game back when it was announced.

If you want to see more, you can also enjoy a massive vertical slice of the Squadron 42 single player campaigna teaser featuring Mark Hamilla video on hoverbikes, one on atmospheric flight, and one on the Cutlass Black.


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