Square Enix Collective to Publish Colorful Platformer ‘Octahedron’; New Trailer

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Square Enix Collective they will publish the Deminonde developed platformer Octahedron, coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC-via Steam in early 2018.

The game features unique visuals that resemble what is seen in a kaleidoscope. Players will explore 2D environments while avoiding enemies and pitfalls. Additionally, Octahedron adds a unique feature that allows players to create their own platforms during gameplay and use them to get to unreachable areas, and also fight back against approaching enemies.

“It’s very rare indeed to find a platformer that really feels new – and as soon as we played Octahedron we realised it managed just that,” says Phil Elliott, Director of Indie Development at Square Enix London. “The combination of the soundtrack working in tandem with the colours on screen makes taking on Octahedron a real assault on the senses. It really stands out, and is a game you need to play – and listen to – in order to really appreciate.”

Octahedron has been shown at various events where players have tested out the game’s “rhythm-synced action”, running at 60fps. The game will also be shown at the Square Enix Collective booth during EGX in Birmingham’s NEC from September 21 to September 24.

“I feel like working with Square Enix Collective is going to take Octahedron to the next level,” offers Marco Guardia, the man behind all the action. “I’m really excited to showcase some choice levels from the 50 stages on offer to as many people as possible – it’s always exciting to watch gamers get to grips with the different mechanics behind play right in front of your eyes. EGX should be the perfect place to experience that.”

You can check out the new trailer and screenshots below:

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