Square Enix Collective Announces Fear Effect Remake, “Original Fixed Camera Angles Will Remain in Place”

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Square Enix Collective announced today that developer Sushee has began development on Fear Effect Reinvented, a remake of the classic action-adventure title Fear Effect, coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC in 2018.

For those who don’t know, indie developer Sushee is currently developing a new installment to the Fear Effect series, Fear Effect Sedna. The studio ran a successful KickStarter campaign to create Fear Effect Sedna for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. However, as development on Sedna continued, the studio thought that the only way to introduce new players to the series would be to also release the first game with “drastically improved visuals” and “tweaked controls”.

Sushee games founder Benjamin Anseaume states the remake will keep the same atmosphere and spirit as the original game, but more importantly, “those original fixed camera angles will remain in place, albeit playing host to some brand new high-definition visuals.”

Fear Effect originally launched on the PlayStation in 2000 dropping players in Hong Kong in search a Triad leader’s missing daughter. Players assume the role of three mercenary characters, Hana, Deke, and Glas, as they explore the world, take down enemies, and complete dangerous missions.

You can watch the first trailer for Fear Effect Reinvented below:

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