Splatoon 2 Gets a Fresh New Weapon to Kick Off the Holidays

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If inking some squids is more your fancy this holiday season, you’ll be happy to hear that the development team behind Splatoon 2 is rolling out a brand new weapon you can get your tentacles on this holiday season.

In a posting to the official Splatoon 2 page on Tumblr, the Squid Research Lab revealed the Squeezer. The weapon is a new type of shooter with multiple different firing modes. Squeezing the trigger once will result in a single, high-powered ink shot. Holding down the trigger will allow players to fire continuously. Squids should fire the weapon repeatedly when facing other Inklings and use its high-powered mode to ink turf.

In other Splatoon 2 news, two big updates hit the game late last month and earlier this month. They added two new maps to the game as well as a new mode, weapons, and more.

If you’re thinking about grabbing Splatoon 2 alongside your Nintendo Switch this holiday, you can check out our review by our very own Ryan Meitzler. In typical Nintendo fashion, the game has been receiving a ton of free updates since its launch in July.

Splatoon 2 is available right now exclusively on the Nintendo Switch. You can check out some new screenshots of the Squeezer in action down below.

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