Spider-Man Design Director Played Through The Game Thrice; Each Playthrough Lasted “Multiple Days”

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Yesterday, Insomniac Games revealed that it was holding a two-day long playtest of its upcoming open-world action-adventure game Marvel’s Spider-Man, today we get some more info from Brian Horton, who recently directed Rise of the Tomb Raider, and recently joined the team at Insomniac as the new game’s Design Director.

Horton took to Twitter,  mentioning that he played through the game three times and each playthrough took multiple days.

Horton’s tweets seem to indicate that the game can already be played through from start to finish. Do keep in mind, though, that this doesn’t mean that it’s feature-complete. Many developers prefer to have a playable build that goes through the story but doesn’t have all the assets and features in place. For instance, SIE Santa Monica Studio’s was already playable from the beginning to the end of the story in December 2016.

Another interesting hint is  on the game’s duration. While of course, Horton did not spend the last few days running a gaming marathon, this does appear to indicate that the game is rather meaty. QA Tester Chris Sosnowski possibly provides more color, mentioning that during the studio-wide testing session the folks at Insomniac did play the game all day.

While it’s impossible to quantify the duration of the game with any degree of precision, putting two and two together, it certainly doesn’t seem to be a very short game.

Incidentally, the fact that Horton played the game for multiple days, while the studio-wide playtesting session lasted only two, should not surprise. He just joined the team, so it’s very likely that his first task on the job may have been simply playing the game as much as possible, in order to familiarize himself with it.

If you want to learn more about Marvel’s Spider-Man, you can also enjoy the latest comments from the development team a new video released at PlayStation Experience, a rather sizable amount of details shared by Insomniac a few weeks ago, a recent batch of screenshots in 4K resolution, and the latest story trailer.

The game will release in 2018 exclusively for PS4.

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