Spice & Wolf VR Launches June 3 on PC

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SpicyTails announced that Spice & Wolf VR will be launching on June 3 on Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Oculus Go. As previously stated, it includes English subtitles, and it can also be experienced without a VR headset on PC. Spice & Wolf VR, which is more like a VR anime with interaction rather than a true game, was funded via two different crowdfundings, on Kickstarter and Campfire, from November 2018 to January 2019. The crowdfunding raised 72 million Yen in total, which is around 650K Dollars.

Using the development update trailers regularly published by SpicyTails on their Twitter account, Spice & Wolf fan ChibiButo also crafted a video showing how Spice & Wolf VR graphically improved over development.

SpicyTails is a doujin circle, an independent Japanese studio, which primarily develops games with Spice & Wolf‘s author Isuna Hasekura as the scenarist.

Spice & Wolf is originally a light novel relating the travels of a merchant named Lawrence, voiced by Jun Fukuyama (Joker in Persona 5) and a wolf goddess named Holo, voiced by Ami Koshimizu (Yukiko in Persona 4). Isuna Hasekura is an author known to always make his story have a focus on financial sciences, and Spice & Wolf is no exception. He’s also the author behind World End Economica and Project Lux, two games developed by SpicyTails.

Spice & Wolf is quite popular among anime fans who’ve been following the medium since at least late 2000, as the Spice & Wolf anime adaptation was quite a sensation back then, praised for its originality. Hence why Spice & Wolf VR was blessed with such a successful crowdfunding, and why fans around the world are so hyped for it.

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