Spelunker Party! Gets a Nintendo Switch and PC Release Date for the West

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Square Enix, and developers Tozai Games and O-TWO, have officially announced the upcoming release date for its new title about diving deep into cave systems, hopping across platforms, dodging danger, and discovering loot. Spelunker Party! will soon be available on Nintendo Switch and Steam.

All of you who are eager to get your multiplayer exploration on will be able to do so on PC and Nintendo Switch when Spelunker Party! releases on October 19.

Spelunker Party! is an action platformer about Spelunkette and her friends as they explore and adventure underground to discover what lies in its depths. Ever since a comet fell from the sky, things have been very strange.

With over 100 stages to explore, there will be no shortage of items to collect and time spent underground amongst friends. Either in single-player or online/offline cooperative multiplayer, you will work deeper into caves, collecting Litho-orbs that will help to unlock new special abilities and your appearance. You’ll also find some adorable pets in the caves that will certainly prove useful as you strive deeper into the caves.

Spelunker Party! will be downloadable on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch, as well as on Steam for $29.99 when it releases on October 19. However, if you’re interested in getting familiar with the game before that date hits, you will be able to download a free demo of the game from the Nintendo eShop on October 7.

For more information on Spelunker Party!, check out it Steam page or Square Enix’s official webpage for the game. You can also check out the teaser trailer for the game below that was released with the release date announcement.

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