Sony Will “Explore” Porting More First Party Titles To PC, While “Accelerating Enhancement and Rollout of PS Exclusives”

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Sony published its Corporate Report 2020, where it mentioned multiple interesting things about first party titles. In the Strategy Key Points section on page 43, Sony mentioned it plans to “explore expanding” 1st party titles ports to PC, “in order to promote further growth” and  “profitability”. Seeing I’m specialized in covering games from Japan, the Golden Land of anime free of discrimination or any hardships, I started reading the Japanese version of the report, translating this bit, only to realize five minutes later an English version is available too.

Jokes aside, the document also mentions Sony will be “accelerating enhancement and rollout of PlayStation exclusives”. While this seems like an opposite idea to “we’ll explore porting more first party titles to PC”, it’s likely Sony means that older PS exclusives could get ported more to PC. Like what happened this August 2020 with Guerilla games’ Horizon Zero Dawn. The port had some issues at first but some got later fixed via patches. The PC version of Horizon includes new features compared to the PS4 version as well. It’s a good grab if you’d like to discover the franchise before its sequel Horizon Forbidden West in 2021.

Following Horizon, another possibility for a PC port could be God of War (2018). It’s currently only available on PS4 and a PC port would definitely mean more money for Sony. In exchange for pissing off some hardcore fans. A very small price to pay in a world ruled by Capitalism.

The latest 1st party title by Sony is Ghost of Tsushima, which was highly praised and is selling extremely well. The samurai game will be getting a new online coop mode in Fall 2020, titled Legends. Sony and Sucker Punch confirmed it’ll be a free update, and with no gacha / microtransactions.

Sony is planning to launch PS5 in Holiday 2020. No release date or price were announced yet.

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