Sony Opens New Label Unties; First Games for PS4, Switch and PC Announced

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Today Sony Music Entertainment announced with a press release the opening of a new video game publishing label named Unties.

The label is dedicated to publishing indie games, and the name means to “unleash the unique talent of creators all over the world.” The initiative means to uncover games with original features, born from small-scale teams, and bring them to a wider audience of players, by using Sony Music Entertainment’s business know-how and promotion channels.

Interestingly, the label is not dedicated solely to Sony’s PS4 console, but it’s actually aiming to release its games on multiple platforms, with the initial titles announced for PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC.

The first game revealed under Unties’ umbrella is Tiny Metal by Area 35 for PS4, Switch and PC, releasing in Japan on November 21st.

Yet, that’s not all. Last Standard by I From Japan, Merkava Avalanche by WinterCrownWorks, and Deemo Reborn by Rayark will all be released and promotes by Unties in the coming months. While Deemo Reborn will launch for PS4 and PlayStation VR, the first two have been confirmed only for PC, with other platforms to be determined.

The press release mentions that Unties will continue to devote its resources in discovering new talent and introduce them to new users.

Below you can check out the trailers for the games mentioned above, alongside a batch of screenshots for all.

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