Sony Is “Super-Focused” on PlayStation VR, More AAA Games Coming to the Platform

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Virtual reality has done quite well, but it certainly did not conquer the world yet, which is why many have been wondering about Sony’s plans for PlayStation VR. Today, during GameStop Expo in Las Vegas, Vice President of Marketing Asad Qizilbash painted a very positive picture of the future of the headset.

Qizilbash mentioned that Sony is “super-focused” on PlayStation VR, and “doubling down” on it this Holiday and going forward. The focus now is to get “some really good games” out. According to him,  Sony has a “great platform” with PlayStation VR, and now it’s time to bring out the big guns.

That being said, the company isn’t trying to push developers to work on the platform, since they know that they’ll get the best results when people creatively want to do something.

If a first party team has passion for the platform and an exciting idea that works well, then they’ll do it. Sony Interactive Entertainment didn’t have any problem talking to development partners and getting them excited about PlayStation VR.

Qizilbash also mentioned that there “absolutely” are AAA games coming to PlayStation VR, even if he clarified that Farpoint is a game that he considers triple-A, because of the scale and the investment of it. According to him there is a “really good balance” between AAA and smaller indie titles on the platform.

If you want to learn more about relevant PlayStation VR titles coming soon, we recently got a lot more info on Monster of the Deep: Final Fantasy XV. If you’re not too much into a band of bros gone fishing, and you prefer ladies on the beach, the English version of Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 just received its PlayStation VR feature after months of waiting.

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