Something Classic Considering Shadows of Adam on Nintendo Switch, Provided Fans Support

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Shadows of Adam is a game we haven’t heard for some time. Originally a Kickstarter project that got funded in 2016, the game released almost a year ago on PC. And while this is far from any official confirmation, developer Something Classic seems keen on the idea of bringing the game to Nintendo Switch — provided they have enough support from the fanbase.

The news comes by way of Something Classic’s official Twitter that teased this picture:

While they make it clear that it is “Just an experiment,” it is a hopeful sign for many who have been hoping to see the game on a Nintendo platform. And, of course, if you are interested in getting the game, you can also retweet the above (which currently has just shy of 250 retweets).

For those out of the loop, Shadows of Adam is a 16-bit RPG that draws inspiration from classics like Phantasy Star. The game features two adopted children of a village hero, who is looking to solve the mystery behind his disappearance. More important, the gameplay is a blast from the past for anyone who fondly remembers older generation turn-based mechanics and systems.

Shadows of Adam is currently only available on PC — though you can try and push for the Nintendo Switch release in the above tweet. Meanwhile, check out the game’s launch trailer below:

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