Soedesco and 1C Company Team Up for Physical Releases of Blackhole and Shiny

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Today, Soedesco, known for publishing titles such as Among the Sleep and the upcoming retail versions of The Girl and the Robot and Tricky Towers, announced today that they are partnering with another publisher, 1C Company, to release physical editions of Blackhole and Shiny for PS4 and Xbox One. The retail versions of these titles are expected to hit store shelves early next year.

For those who don’t know, Blackhole was developed by FiolaSoft Studio, and is a hard puzzle platformer where players can control gravity and rotate the environment. The game follows the escapades of a “coffee guy” after he loses his crew when his ship gets sucked into a black hole. The game consists of players finding their former crewmates and fixing up the ship with the help of a sassy AI companion.

Meanwhile, Shiny is described by publisher 1C Company and developer Garage 227 as a “non-violent sci-fi platformer”. Players helm a robot named Kramer 227, and try to rescue his friends and harvest energy before the planet of Aurora crashes into its sun.

Hans van Brakel, Executive Manager of Soedesco, had the following to say about the partnership with 1C company:

“We’re glad 1C Company has put their trust in our skills. With our expertise in boxed games and their outstanding marketing and public relations support, we think this will be a long-standing cooperation.”

Nikolay Baryshnikov, Vice President of Interactive Entertainment at 1C Company, also commented on partnering with Soedesco to release boxed versions of Blackhole and Shiny:

“We’re happy to be teaming up with SOEDESCO for these two titles, because we realize that there are still players preferring boxed editions of games. We hope this cooperation will continue in the future.”

You can watch trailers for both of the aforementioned games below. Soedesco and 1C Company’s retail editions of Blackhole and Shiny are expected to release in early 2018 for PS4 and Xbox One. Both titles are also available digitally on PC.

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