Smite Patch 4.17 Introduces Samurai God Hachiman; Mounted Archery Included

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The introduction of a new god in Smite is always exciting. There are so many questions to be had: how will this impact the meta? How powerful will they be? Can I jungle with them? And most importantly, How cool is the god? While gods such as Camazotz and Terra can be mechanically interesting, it’s usually the “cool” factor that determines how much a god gets played at launch, and how hard it is to lock them in. The newest god, Hachiman, shouldn’t have any problems seeing as he is a bow-wielding Samurai whose ultimate entails riding a horse and firing arrows from its back.

You can check out the Smite god reveal video below which includes his abilities, combat tactic, and lore.

Hachiman is a hunter who is joining the Japanese pantheon in patch 4.17. His abilities include an auto-attack augmentation that has increased range and can deliver critical hits, a dash that ends in a circle attack, a banner that when placed deals damage and buffs nearby allies’ attack speed, and of course, his ultimate. Hachiman summons his steed to bring him forward, and while riding, allows you to aim in a circle separately from the direction of his horse. This is first ability in the game to unlock your traveling direction from an aimed attack.

There’s a lot of other changes, besides the addition of Hachiman, in patch 4.17 “The Odyssey” which you can read up on here. You can also read about Smite‘s second most recent god, Artio, who has brought stance-switching back to Smite here. Smite is available now and is free-to-play on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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