Smite Patch 4.16 “Summer Knockout” Is Live and Brings Back PC Voice Chat

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Smite‘s Summer event is coming to an end and we’ve already seen the interesting new skins, loading screens, pedestals, announcer packs, and more that have been released alongside of it. Today, patch 4.16, appropriately named “Summer Knockout,” went live and includes changes to relics and gods, and the re-introduction of voice chat to PC.

In the earlier days of Smite, players used to communicate in-game using the Curse client. There are even several exclusive Curse skins to remind players of the olden days, but for some time, voice chat had fell by the wayside and many ranked games included radio silence. Now, however, as a part of Smite‘s attempt to polish aspects of their game Project Olympus –much like Rainbow Six: Siege‘s Operation Health— Hi-Rez has added integrated voice chat for custom and ranked modes. Players who found themselves using third party applications to communicate can now simply communicate in-game when it matters most: trying to climb the ranked ladder.

The patch also includes nerfs to Smite‘s newest god Artio including decreases to the damage and scaling of Maul Prey, and a decrease to the slow and self heal on Life Tap. You can read more about Artio, including the return of stance-switching to Smite here. Smite will be available on the Xbox One X in 4k with 60 frames per second, giving you yet another reason to pick up Microsoft’s upcoming console. You can check out the patch notes video, encapsulating all of the changes that hit PC servers , below.

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