Sky is Thatgamecompany’s Newest Game for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV; First Trailer Released

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During the Live Apple Event 2017, Thatgamecompany’s designer Jenova Chen took the stage to announce the studio’s newest game, Sky.

On stage, Jenova Chen stated that their studio treats games as an art form and they hope to use Sky as medium to bring people together instead of playing alone. Sky is a romantic-social adventure game where players explore by flying through the clouds of a mysterious world.

The controls have been designed to be simple and intuitive, and approachable by casual players. When using the Apple TV, everything can be done with one finger on the remote.

As players run into other characters, they will be able to discover new areas. In some areas, players will be able to light candles and summon a spirit. These spirits can teach players knowledge of how to summon other creatures.

Light and dark are an important theme in Sky. Players will play as the Children of Light with the collevtive goal of bringing light to where it is needed the most.

Touch screen controls were not shown, but more information about the game will be released soon.

Thatgamecompany is known for critically acclaimed video games such as Journey and Flow.

You can watch the new trailer below. Sky is coming exclusively for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV.

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