Side-Scrolling Beat-em-up Wulverblade Hitting Nintendo Switch on October 12

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Developer Fully Illustrated and publisher Darkwind Media have announced that their game, Wulverblade, is poised to hit Nintendo Switch next week, on October 12.

As you may know, Wulverblade was originally announced for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Then back in August, it was announced for Nintendo Switch. At the time of its Switch announcement, it was also revealed that it would come to the Nintendo hybrid console first, hitting sometime this fall. A release date for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC versions were not divulged at the time, and still haven’t been.

For those that don’t know: Wulverblade takes place in the year 120 AD, where the Roman army has seized control of the south of Britannia, with the goal to further march north and conquer the rest of the island. The unit spearheading this operation is the 5,000 strong 9th Legion, but little do they know “what lies in wait for them.”

Caradoc, a guardian of the northern tribe has rallied the war bands, is ready for war. However, Caradoc has yet to even discover the gift he bares, but soon he and the Ninth Legion will discover his true power.

The game’s action is in-line with old school arcade side-scrolling beat-em-ups, and takes place across eight levels that span ancient forests, thunder rivers, torchlit woodlands, and Roman forts, all based on real locations and presented in 1080p HD alongside cell animated characters.

It’s currently unclear how much Wulverblade will cost when it launches. For more information and media on the game, be sure to check out its official website.

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