Showtime Executives Say the Halo TV Series is Still in Development

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Remember that Halo TV series from Steven Spielberg that was supposed to be in development at Showtime years ago? Well, according to a couple of executives from Showtime, it’s still happening despite an overwhelming silence surrounding the project.

During the Television Critics Association winter press tour, TV Guide asked Showtime’s President and CEO David Nevins whether or not the Halo TV series was even still happening. Nevins’ response was brief, but he did confirm it was still in existence simply saying, “[It’s] still in very active development.” Nevins wouldn’t go on to say anything further, though he did claim that he has seen scripts.

Gary Levine, the president of programming at Showtime, was then also questioned about the project and he happened to expand a bit further. Levine said the series, “is absolutely still in development, still moving forward and I’m encouraged by what we’ve seen so far. It’s still live action, and it will definitely satisfy the fans of Halo and I think also satisfy the drama audiences of Showtime.” Levine wouldn’t respond to questions about the time period in which the show might take place within Halo lore or answer anything about when we may finally see or hear more about the series.

For those that forget, this Halo series was announced in 2013, which means its been nearly five years without a peep. While I’m sure that Nevins and Levine aren’t lying and the series is still in development in some way, I wouldn’t hold my breath on seeing anything noteworthy anytime soon.

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