Shooty Fruity Gets a New Bunch of Trailers for PS VR at PlayStation Experience

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There was a bunch of PlayStation VR love at the PlayStation Experience Opening Celebration, including a handful of brand-new game announcements. And though Shooty Fruity didn’t get time within that slot, PlayStation still revealed a couple of brand new trailers for the nDreams developed shooting gallery.

Announced in August for the PlayStation VR (via PlayStation 4), the game has very regularly been hailed a mash-up of the (terrific Job Simulator) and a shooting gallery. Just watching the trailer, you can totally understand why. With the mix of dry wit and everyday-ish locales, the game looks off-the-wall insane with action around every corner.

Of course, if you are into these type of games then the past two days for you have been amazing. Justin Roiland’s Squanch Games unveiled Accounting+ for PlayStation VR, while Owlchemy games will be creating Vacation Simulator and Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality for the Sony virtual reality headset.

Developer nDreams is no “noob” to the VR development scene; they created other titles like The Assembly in the past, as well as Danger Goat and Bloody Zombies.

At the moment, the game is dated for December 19, 2017  for PC and PlayStation 4. Check out the brand-new trailer below, as well as the short live-action trailer:

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