Shenmue III Gets New Developer Progress Video All About Facial Animation

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Ys Net released a new video for their upcoming adventure game Shenmue III, coming to PlayStation 4 and PC in mid-2018.

The video is the the fourth volume in a series of developer room progress reports, this one focuses on facial animations. The video shows the range of faces that their in-game character models can make while interacting with them.

This shows a better side of the facial animations that what was previously shown in the first the trailer and proves that the team is making huge progress with the development of the game.

Shenmue III will be the third installment of the Shenmue trilogy that began in 1999 on the Sega Dreamcast. This entry will have the series protagonist, Ryo Hazuki, travel to China in search of this father’s killer, Lan Di.

Shenmue III will contain multiple explorable towns and areas for players to discover over the story. Areas that have been revealed so far are Bailu Village in Guilin, Choibu, which is a riveside village home to many merchants, and Baisha. New areas and setting will be revealed as the release of the game comes nearer.

Additionally, publisher Deep Silver will be handling the publishing of the game and giving it a physical release.

You can watch the quick animation video below:

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