Seven: The Days Long Gone Launches With New Cinematic Story Trailer

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To celebrate the launch of Seven: The Days Long Gone, developers Fool?s Theory & IMGN.PRO launched a new cinematic trailer details the game’s story.

Seven: The Days Long Gone is a Thief-inspired 3D isometric RPG where players must attempt to escape a so called “inescapable prison” on the island of Peh. Players will assume the role of Teriel, a master thief who is possessed by an ancient daemon named Artanak, which rewards his some special skills.

“Seven: The Days Long Gone will redefine exploration in Isometric RPG genre. It first appears as if it is a traditional isometric RPG with a compelling story line and an ecosystem that reacts to you and your actions. But our main goal was to really bring something new to this genre and redefine how people experience this type of game,” said Jakub Rokosz, Head of Development, Fool?s Theory. “Seven: The Days Long Gone has a unique climbing system that allows for greater exploration by free-traversing obstacles of any height, vertically and horizontally. This mechanic further opened up the world for us as developers so that we could be more imaginative in our mission and side-quests creation process.”

During the game players will be able to sneak around their way through the prison or fight their way to the exit. Additionally, Teriel can be customized with upgrades and new skills.

Seven: The Days Long Gone is available now on PC-via Steam.

You can check out the new trailer below:

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