Session Xbox Release is Now Slated for Spring 2020

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Once again, we have a release window for the Session Xbox release. The skateboarding simulator is now slated for console launch in Spring 2020.

In a mix between a tweet and Discord announcement from crea-ture Studios, they have finally given some pretty solid details about the Session Xbox release. The Montreal based studio announced they have teamed up with indie studio Illogika to aid in the development of the console port. Illogika will be entirely focused on the console port, while crea-ture Studios can continue updating the current build of Session available on PC.

“In an effort to double up on the Xbox console port, we have teamed up with an experience studio named Illogika who will focus an entire team to porting Session to console alongside us and together, with this expansion of developers, we now have a solid timeline to bring you Session on Xbox this Spring 2020,” says the tweet.

“We have teamed up with a local experienced studio named Illogika. They’ll be working with us on the Xbox version! This will help get the game on your consoles sooner,” says the Discord announcement. “Now we have a dedicated team working on the Xbox version, while we remain focused on improving and building Session. Many hands make little work!”

This news comes after crea-ture Studios announced some big news for the Session Xbox release a few days ago. While this may not be the news those waiting for the game wanted, the Spring 2020 window is still exciting. Hopefully, that window is as “solid” as the Twitter post suggests.

While the Xbox version is still in development, the PC version of Session is available now via Steam early access. The newest update was implemented today, implementing a slew of new features including a new level, the ability to revert, and a Skate-inspired control layout.

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