Sega Europe Teasing “Something Special” for Tomorrow’s Stream

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With the new year in full swing, video game companies everywhere are looking to build some hype for 2021. We’ve seen Lucasfilm Games make some big announcements in the last few days, but it appears that Sega might be joining in on the fun. Today, Sega Europe revealed on Twitter that they have “something special” in store for everyone who tunes into their Twitch stream tomorrow. Obviously, we have no idea exactly what’s coming, but that stop me from speculating. See the announcement below.

Again, I can’t tell you anything about this announcement besides that it’s happening tomorrow. Currently, we don’t even know what time the whole thing is kicking off. And, the only Sega property that I know is releasing soon is The Yakuza Remastered Collection‘s PC and Xbox One port. This means it’s entirely possible that this could just be an announcement that PC pre-orders are live. I hope that’s not the case, but I’m definitely prepared to be disappointed.

That all said, Sega doesn’t have much non-Yakuza content on the docket for 2021 yet. I’d be a little surprised if the Europe branch is announcing a new game, but it’s not completely out of the cards. I could also see a deeper dive into Humankind. After all, Amplitude Studios is based in Paris, which, if my high school geography is still working, is in Europe. From what we’ve seen, that game looks pretty rad. It’s scheduled for April 22, which means it would make a ton of sense to kick off the hype train.

Regardless, we’ll all know soon enough. Make sure to check back tomorrow to learn about Sega Europe’s announcement. Hopefully, it’s something neat.

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