Secret World Legends Receives a Spooky Update Offering a Black Widow Spider Pet and More

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It’s time for the obligatory seasonal events to start hitting our favorite online games, and Secret World Legends is not going to be left out of the group this year! In honor of the spooky month of October, Funcom has decided to release a new set of items for certain lucky players to discover and share.

The Haunted Cache will now begin dropping across Secret World Legends, offering the usual items such as tokens and potions, but also a chance at some other themed prizes. You could find yourself a Black Widow Spider pet to skitter alongside you, an Arachnoid Cycle that spews web from its back, or the Aranea’s Recluse outfit, a brand new six-piece outfit. You can find a trailer detailing these items and how they look in the video at the bottom of this article.

In addition to these exciting seasonal bits of fun, the Haunted Caches will also offer chances at finding new Extraordinary “Radiant Essence” power talismans that can give you an upper-hand in combat along with some themed effects.

It’s important to note that the introduction of this new cache event means that the previous one is no longer being offered. However, those caches can still be opened and traded for the contents that were previously on offer.

Recently, Secret World Legends also released a major free content update to connect The Secret World‘s story to Secret World Legends through the introduction of the Orochi Tower in Tokyo.

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