Secret World Legends Receives a New Update Introducing Manhattan Exclusion Zone Raid

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It’s official. The Secret World has arrived in New York. Today, Funcom announced the release of a brand new update to Secret World Legends that brings a brand new event to the Big Apple.

In the Manhattan Exclusion Zone, a raid party of ten players will be asked to take their combined might to Times Square where a 100-foot monster is threatening to tear things up. Funcom says that although The Secret World veterans are likely to find the new raid challenging, many are sure to have fond memories here.

The Manhattan Exclusion Zone will feature multiple difficulty levels for any level-50 player to experience and will provide further story content, culminating in an epic battle against the Unutterable Lurker.

Along with this new content, a Lair Megaboss has been released, allowing up to 40-players to summon some of Agartha’s most powerful enemies and defeat them for grand rewards.

A new trailer detailing this new content can be found in the video below.

Secret World Legends is the free-to-play revival of the Secret World universe. Recently, an Update Roadmap was provided for the game, detailing its support into 2018.

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