Sea of Thieves Gets Endgame Details Including Pirate Cove and Customizable Ships

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With the Sea of Thieves beta having set sail, pirates were left contemplating just what the game’s progressions system would look like. While details had already been announced about the game’s reputations system, some players still thought the game would only include bringing chests back to an outpost. Now, however, we’ve received even more details on what Sea of Thieves end-game content will look like.

End-game activities are going to include (among others):

  • A Pirate Cove for Pirate Legends
  • Tavern of Legends
  • Legendary Voyages
  • Legendary Outfits
  • Skeleton Forts (With bosses and vaults)

Details of these events come from a recent Eurogamer interview with Rare’s development team.

Achieving the rank of “Pirate Legend” will unlock an area of the game akin to Shipwreck Cove from the third Pirates of the Caribean movie. If you can’t recall that, just think of One-Eyed Willy’s treasure ship from The Goonies.

Unlocking this area will allow players to purchase legendary voyages–the longest and most challenging in the game–which are similar to raids according to Design Director Mike Chapman. Additionally, players will be able to purchase more elaborate pirate costumes.

Rare’s team also elaborated on Skeleton Forts, which were accessible in the beta in a limited capacity. In the full game, these forts will be signaled by a large skeleton could in the sky and will provide players with a good fight and a lot of loot. So much loot that it won’t all fit on one ship, according to the interview.

Finally, Rare detailed their plans for a major update that will come post-launch which will include the rank of “Legendary Captain,” which will allow players to make the pirate cove their home base and give them to option to then customize their ship. This means that unique ships appearing on the horizon might be through for you and your crew.

Sea of Thieves launches on Xbox One and PC with Microsoft’s “Play Anywhere” on March 20. To be sure that you’ll be able to run the game or to see if you’ll be able to run it in 4K, check out the Sea of Thieves system requirements here. You can also check out the latest trailer here, which includes lore and locales.

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