Sea of Thieves’ Closed Beta Date Announced; Starting on January 24th

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Today Microsoft announced via press release that the closed beta of Rare’s shared world adventure game Sea of Thieves is coming on January 24th.

The beta will start from 4:00 AM PST on the 24th (which translates to Noon GMT, 1:00 PM CET, and 7:00 AM EST), and it will end five days later, on January 29th 00:00 AM PST (8:00 AM GMT, 9:00 AM CET, and 3:00 AM EST). This means that we’ll get about five days of sailing and swashbuckling.

According to the announcement, the closed beta will be “a bespoke experience that offers a true taste of what Sea of Thieves has to offer.” Yet, it won’t be the full game, as Rare is still keeping its cards close to its chest, and to let players discover many new elements at launch.

Anyone who pre-ordered the game and all of those who joined the Insider Programme by December 1st, 2017 will have automatic access to the beta testing.

Another interesting element is that no NDA will be in place, so everyone will be free to show their gameplay with screenshots, videos, and livestreams.

If you want to see more of the game, you can enjoy the latest gameplay from the developers, a recent traileranother trailer from last month, another semi-recent gameplay video recorded by the developers, one more gameplay trailer, and the panel from New York Comic Con that showcased the reveal of the Pirate Code. You should also take a good look at our video interview with Rare Studio Director Craig Duncan.

Sea of Thieves will launch for Xbox One and PC on March 20th, 2018

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