Sci-fi Action/Adventure forma.8 Getting Switch Format on August 24th

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The Switch seems to be getting a number of solid indie ports over the last few months. The latest one is the Metroidvania title, forma.8. The Italian studio MixedBag released the game on Steam, PS4, PS Vita, Xbox One and Wii U this February. It will be joining the most recent Nintendo console on August 24th. Along with the press release, a Switch specific trailer was also uploaded by the devs.

The star of forma.8 is a lone probe stuck on a dystopian planet. Even worse is that you need to recover an amazing energy source before catastrophe happens. There will be plenty of mysteries to solve, obstacles to avoid, and enemies to watch out for. And who knows, maybe the secrets of civilizations lost will be revealed to you.

Our own Tomas Franzese reviewed the game and gave it a very respectable 8.5 rating. He praised the intentionally vague storytelling and the atmosphere provided via the games’ graphics and sound. To quote him:

“[T]he game create such a undeniably enjoyable atmosphere that I even found myself relaxed and smiling in some of the more frustrating parts of the game as I made my way through this foreign world that I can’t wait to hop back into and explore again.”

Other features listed on the Steam page include:

– Explore a huge, open world full of secrets
– Solve ancient mysteries
– Gain new power-ups to progress in your adventure
– Fight deadly enemies and face powerful bosses
– Delve into a deep and cryptic lore

Unique to the Switch version is:

“The game runs at super smooth 60fps, upping the resolution to 1080p when the console is docked, with full support for the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller.”

On top of the press release and the launch trailer, MixedBag announced that they were bringing two other indies to Nintendo’s hybrid. The minimalist twin-stick shooter Atomine and the narrative focused isometric racer Wheels of Aurelia will be coming out at some point this year on the Switch.

You can take a look and probe the launch trailer below for forma.8 below:

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