Samurai Shodown V Special Slices its Way Onto PS4 and PS Vita Tomorrow; Launch Trailer Released

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Today, SNK and Code Mystics took to PlayStation Blog yet again and revealed that the previously announced Samurai Shodown V Special will be releasing on PS4 and PS Vita tomorrow, September 12. A launch trailer that goes over the game’s complex mechanics and highlights what’s new in this version of the game was also released.

Samurai Shodown V Special will cost $14.99; it also supports cross-play, meaning that if you buy the title on PS4, you will get it on PS Vita, and vice versa. This new version of the game is uncensored, so you can expect to see Samurai Shodown’s brutal gameplay in its bloody glory here. The game also now includes online multiplayer, trophies, leaderboards, a gallery mode, and customizable menu music.

As for how Samurai Shodown V Special plays, this titles fighting system emphasizes good spacing and timing of attacks instead of high-octane combos. There two gauges for players to pay attention to during each match. The Sword Gauge determines how much damage one can deal; attacking will drain this meter, but it regenerates when you aren’t attacking.

This is also the Rage Gauge, a staple of SNK’s Samurai Shodown series. This meter fills as one takes damage, and players can experience an increase in their attacking power and execute rage explosion when it is full. There are also a ton of other smaller things for players to take advantage of too, such as weapon flipping and the Mortal Kombat fatality-esque Overkill moves. If you are looking for a new technical fighter to get into, Samurai Shodown V Special looks like a great choice.

You can check out some new screenshots and the informative launch trailer below. Samurai Shodown V Special will release on PS4 and PS Vita September 12.

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