Ruiner Physical Release Cancelled Due to New ESRB Rating Fee Mandate

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If you’re a collector who has been eagerly anticipating the physical release of Reikon Games and Devolver Digital’s twin-stick shooter, Ruiner, then this is likely a sad bit of news. Special Reserve Games, the collectible producer and distributor offering the Ruiner physical release, announced that a PlayStation 4 disc would not be manufactured as a result of a new and unforeseen mandate issued by the ESRB.

According to the statement issued by Special Reserve Games, this new ESRB mandate requires that all new games seeking a physical release must pay a fee for a rating in addition to the rating of its digital release. What this means for Ruiner is that its physical release production costs have been put “out of the acceptable range” to make it a viable option for the company. What does this mean for future physical releases? Special Reserve Games explains that it’s not done trying on games that don’t fall under the ESRB mandate.

“We don’t intend to give up on future PS4 releases, and these adjusted ESRB guidelines should still allow us to produce discs for legacy digital titles already on the market at a reasonable cost, so PS4 fans should stay tuned to SRG.”

However, this doesn’t mean that Special Reserve Games will not be working on additional Ruiner collectibles. According to the company, two announcements are still to come later this week.

For more information on Special Reserve Games, you should visit its official website.

Early in October, DualShockers’ own Michael Ruiz reviewed Ruiner on PC, finding it to be a particularly difficult gameplay experience but with an interesting cyberpunk world.

Hoping for a little more information on Ruiner? Well, DualShockers recently spoke with Reikon Games’ Narrative Director Magdalena Tomkowicz about the game.

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