Rocket League’s Next Update Will Introduce 1980s-Themed Velocity Crates

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Today, Psyonix has announced a new patch that is coming to Rocket League that will introduce a variety of new items that come straight from the ’80s.

According to the developer, starting Monday, December 4th, the latest update to Rocket League will introduce“Velocity Crates” into the game. These crates will provide new gear for players to add to their collection, including several items that are inspired by 1980s pop culture.

One of the most significant new items coming next week includes the Imperator DT5, a snazzy new sports car that features a razor-sharp red paint coat and gleaming blue wheels.  Of course, it’s even easier to mention it looks like something ripped straight out of that particular decade.

Aside from a new vehicle added to the roster, the latest update will also introduce six new decals such as Engine Audio, which can be mounted onto your Battle-Cars. On top of that, an abundance of fresh goal explosions, wheels, player banners, and other items will be up for grabs when the update drops early next week to bring players back into the ’80s.

In other Rocket League news, earlier this month, Psyonix released a port of their popular title to Nintendo’s hybrid console the Switch. Additionally, if you would like to hear our thoughts on Rocket League‘s Switch port, you can check out our hands-on preview of the title.

Rocket League is available now on Linux, Mac, PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Switch.

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