Retro Mode is Highlighted in New Video for MLB The Show 18

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Retro Mode was the newest game mode added to MLB The Show 17 and today Sony interactive Entertainment and Sony San Diego showed that the mode will be returning in this year’s MLB The Show 18.

For those unfamiliar with Retro Mode, it’s a style of play that is meant to harken back to baseball games from yesteryear. Rather than utilize the many different control schemes associated with the standard gameplay found in MLB The Show, Retro Mode only uses two buttons. This makes for a much more arcade-like style of play that is perfect for couch multiplayer with friends.

What stands out most to me from today’s video, however, is that it doesn’t seem like much at all has changed in Retro Mode from The Show 17 to The Show 18. For the most part, this trailer just emphasizes the same features that were already available last year while highlighting new players in the MLB like Shohei Otani or showing off some of the added legends like Babe Ruth who will be included in MLB The Show 18.

You can find the full video, which is only about one minute long, at the bottom of the page. MLB The Show 18 will be dropping next month on March 27 exclusively for PS4 with those who pre-order it being able to pick the game up on March 23.

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