Rance VII – Sengoku Rance – and Rance Quest Magnum Announced For the West; New Trailer

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During Otakon 2017, Mangagamer announced two new titles for the west from developer Alicesoft, Rance VII – Sengoku Rance – and Rance Quest Magnum, coming to PC.

Rance VII – Sengoku Rance – begins with the most hated (loved by few) hero in visual novel history, Rance, as he travels to Nippon for a hot-springs vacation after leaving his bride-to-be from Rance VI. However, somehow he gets enlisted into the Nobunaga Oda as a war to conquer Nippon rages. Evidently, the tropes end up falling under Rance’s command.

Sengoku Rance is a departure from the typical RPG style gameplay that fans might be used to. At its core, the game is a strategy game where players must conquer territories and manage forces. During gameplay, new events unlock over time, with more to be unlocked in New Game+ Mode. This will use a new translation and not the fan translation.

Rance Quest Magnum begins with Rance back at home with little time to rest before he ends up getting into some more trouble. It just so happens that Rance is put under a curse that leaves him unable to have sex with women under level 35. Furthermore, if he stays with a woman too long he’ll begin to resent her. Rance goes on a quest to find every girl over level 35 to be with them in hopes of breaking the curse.

Each title, Rance VII – Sengoku Rance – and Rance Quest Magnum, will be available separately on MangaGamer.

If you’d like to know more about Rance, DualShockers interview MangaGamer about the series and their approach to localizing the titles.

You can check out screenshots and trailers for both titles below:

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