Rain World Receiving New Modes and Physical Release on PlayStation 4 in December

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Rain World will receive an update on PlayStation 4 on December 21, 2018 that will introduce new game modes and local multiplayer alongside its physical release through Limited Run Games.

The two new game modes will exist to offer an alternative play style to that of the challenging survival offered by the main mode of play. The Monk reduces the number of enemies and increases the amount of food, but this won’t be an “easy mode” promises Mariam Naziripour of Adult Swim Games.

The Hunter is an increase in challenge with an increase to the amount of food required to hibernate and unique enemies have been added to the world.

Multiplayer came to the Steam version of Rain World last year and now it will come to PlayStation 4. Up to four players can create their own arena with its own monsters and other customization options such as how long until the rain destroys everything. Players can then work together, avoid monsters, or just stab each other. Players can also use this mode as a way to watch unique interactions between monsters in a customized arena.

A collector’s edition of the physical game will be available for pre-purchase on December 21, 2018 for $79.99 and includes:

  • Rain World PS4
  • Slugcat Plush
  • Glow in the Dark Soundtrack Vinyl (with 12×12 art print and digital soundtrack code)

The Slugcast plush is available separately from Sanshee, who recently restocked their website with the $19.99 plush. You can view images of the physical collection below.

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