Raiders of the Broken Planet has Hosted Half a Million Players Since Launch; Gets First Major Update

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The prologue and first episode of MercurySteam’s unique 4v1 third-person shooter Raiders of the Broken Planet launched back in September, and since then, the developers have been hard at work on both new characters and the game’s first major update which launched to today and makes some modifications to how the in-game economy works. In addition to this, MercurySteam has also revealed that over half a million players have tried out Raiders of the Broken Planet since launch.

It is still unknown how many of those players bought the game though, as the prologue of Raiders of the Broken Planet is free, with additional campaigns being released at “regular intervals” for $9.99. The first big update brings a nice change for those who just plan on getting the prologue though.

Players who have downloaded Prologue can now use Gold, Faction Points, and Character Points to unlock new characters, build weapons, and unveil pieces of lore, things which were originally locked behind a pay-wall to those who purchased the campaign. That being said, the sniper Shae is still exclusive to those who buy Alien Myths, the game’s first campaign.

MercurySteam released a video starring its new Community Manager Karen Hernandez that goes over the update, so you can check that out below. Raiders of the Broken Planet is currently available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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