Quantum Break’s Xbox One X Enhancement Patch Pushes the Game’s Size to Over 175GB

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Ahead of the launch of the Xbox One X next week, various games that will receive enhancements for the premium console have begun to receive new patches over the last few days. One of those titles is Remedy Entertainment’s 2016 title Quantum Break which now comes in in at an insanely high download size. 

With the new Xbox One X patch included, the base size for Quantum Break has ballooned to a staggering 102.5GB. When including the size of the optional TV show portion of the game, which comes in at 75.6GB, the total becomes 178.1GB. 

Of course, the TV show portion of Quantum Break doesn’t need to be downloaded natively on the console and can instead be streamed in-game. Still, we aren’t used to seeing file sizes of this magnitude, though that might change as the industry continues to trend more towards 4K gaming.

Quantum Break released last year and received high marks from us with a 9/10. The release of the Xbox One X and the surely low price that you should be able to snag Quantum Break for at this point should prompt those who still want to play through the game for themselves to do so sooner rather than later. 

For more on the Xbox One X, keep an eye out for hour review of the console as it will be going live tomorrow morning.

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