Purrfect Date Cat Dating Simulator Gets a PC Release Date

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If you recall, it was back in August when Bossa Studios and Bae Team announced that their dark comedy, visual novel, dating simulator Purrfect Date would be releasing sometime this winter. You might also remember a trailer that accompanied that announcement, along with a particularly catchy song. Well, a more definitive release date has officially been announced, and yes there’s another equally silly song that comes with it.

Purrfect Date will release for PC on December 15 to tell the tale of several research assistants’ adventures discovering the dark secrets behind the island that is almost entirely populated by cats. Throughout its seven chapters, the game promises various twists that are certain to reward players with a number of choices, encouraging replayability.

If you’re just here for the newest trailer for the game, you will not be disappointed. The aforementioned song tells how the YouTube comedy duo Oliver Hindle and Ruby-Mae Roberts conceived the idea for Purrfect Date.

Purrfect Date will be releasing for PC on December 15, but the game is also expected to eventually launch on Mac and iOS. Curious what kind of game you can expect from this development team? Well, Oliver Hindle previously worked on such games as I am Bread and Surgeon Simulator. If that’s not quite enough information for you, you can check out the game’s official website or its Steam page.

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