Psyonix is Crowdsourcing Fan Favorite Default Music for Rocket League

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There is a lot to love about rocket-powered soccer game Rocket League — something undeniable as the game still receives broad support on all platforms nearly three years after launch. Even this week, Psyonix is looking to update Rocket League’s default tune — and they want gamers to help.

According to a recent tweet from Rocket League‘s official Twitter account, Psyonix has picked four of their most popular songs from the soundtrack for voting. And (at the time of writing) this race is pretty close, with no more than a 4% gap (roughly 1,500 people) between the top and bottom choice.

Worth noting 3 of the 4 choices in the list are composed by Hollywood Principle, an electronic music group by Psyonix’s sound designer Mike Ault. The other song Don’t Stop the Party is composed by Drunk Girl.

Rocket League is currently available on Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. You can check out and vote on the songs below. Meanwhile, if you don’t recognize any of the songs, we put a handy list of all the tracks below the Tweet.

Breathing Underwater (Ether Remix) — Hollywood Principle

Don’t Stop the Party (Feat. deanna) — Drunk Girls

Firework — Hollywood Principle

Solar Eclipses ft. Dr. Awkward — Hollywood Principle

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