PS4/PS Vita Exclusive Super Robot Wars X Gets First 1080p Screenshots Showing Mecha and Pilots

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Following yesterday’s announcement of Super Robot Wars X, today Bandai Namco released the first batch of screenshots of the game.

We learn that Bandai Namco pursued the improvement of the gameplay with the new game, also pursuing intuitive controls. The story is self-contained, so novices to the series will feel right at home.

We also get to see the box art, and we learn about the early purchase bonuses, which will be a prequel scenario, a second mission, an original theme, and the use of Cyberstar and Masaki from the very beginning of the game. There will also be the usual Premium Anime Song and Sound Edition, which features 35 songs from the anime series included in the game.

The game will release in Japan on March 29, 2018 for PS4 and PS Vita, followed by a launch in Southeast Asia on April 26th. In case you missed the good news yesterday the Asian version will include English subtitles, paired with Japanese voices.

Unfortunately, there is no hint anywhere of a western release, which probably won’t come at all due to the usual licensing issues. That being said, I’m fine with the subtitles, importing games like this digitally is a breeze.

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