PS4/PS Vita Exclusive Metal Max Xeno Gets Japanese Release Date; New Characters Revealed

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Today Kadokawa Games announced the Japanese release date of its upcoming Metal Max revival titled Metal Max Xeno.

The game will launch on the local market exclusively for PS4 and PS Vita on April 19th. Purchasing the first print of the game will grant a “Underground shotgun” DLC code, granting a weapon that can be used in the game.

In addition to the release date, we also get information on two special editions. The Limited Edition will be physical and it’ll include three soundtrack CDs with over 50 socks divided in three themes: “birth,” “rebirth” and “new generation.” This will include music from the past of the series and tracks from the new game.

The second physical bonus will be a 128-page artbook including information on the setting and art by character designer Oda Non. Two digital bonuses include the tank “Old Friend” and a Vulkan vehicle weapon.

The Premium Edition will be digital only, and it’ll include the soundtrack in digital form and the tank. Instead of the Vulkan those who purchase the Premium Edition will get a PS Burst Cannon weapon.

We also get to see the box art and two new characters, Dylan and Maria.

Maria is definitely a perfect example of Oda Non’s character design. She is a soldier born in a town quite far away from Iron Base. She went on a journey to train, but she returned home with her fellow soldiers when she heard that the town was in trouble. All of her companions were annihilated, and she is now continuing her solitary fight.

Dylan is the boss of a group of bandits wreaking havoc around Iron Base. The SoNs slaughtered his underlings, and the hero Talis rescued him. Now they fight together against the machines, sharing their desire for revenge.

You can check out the screenshots and artwork below. If you want to see more, you can check out the first trailer and screenshots, and a second batch featuring more characters.

No western release has been announced for the moment.

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