PS4 Exclusive New Gundam Breaker Gets New Gameplay and 1080p Screenshots

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Today Bandai Namco Entertainment released a new gameplay clip of the upcoming Gundam game New Gundam Breaker, alongside more images.

The gameplay showcases another match in which two teams of three mobile suits fight against each other and AI opponents in order to complete quests provided by the announcer.

Destroying enemy mobile suits will drop some of their parts, and they are stored in the UI at the bottom of the screen. You can mount them just by selecting them.

You can also use EX skills since the start of the match, and they are listed on the bottom right of the screen. You can have up to six, and the number grows with your level. The skill depend on the parts you have on, so assembling the torso of the Sazabi on your Gundam will unlock its powerful beam attack.

We also get to see some portraits of the characters that we’ll meet in the game’s story mode, including heroine Yui Mikagura and a few rivals, Masumi Shiroi, Daisuke Sena, Yuuki Shiina, Shougo Morita, and Shimon Sakaki.

You can check out all the images and the gameplay below. If you want to see more, you can enjoy more gameplay (this time in English) and the first teaser trailer.

The game will be a PS4 exclusive, and it’ll come in 2018 both in Japan and in the west.

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