PS4 Exclusive God of War Gets New Trailer Featuring the Fire Troll and His Gruesome Totem Weapon

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Today Sony Interactive Entertainment released a brand new trailer of the upcoming PS4 exclusive God of War game.

The trailer showcases one of the most well known monsters of the game, the fire troll, which was popularized by the very first gameplay reveal back at E3 2016.

While the trailer shows no gameplay, it’s still quite interesting, as it showcases a lot of awesome artwork created to design the troll himself and his giant totem weapon.

It’s certainly a testament to the great artists that have been working on the  game at the popular studio in Santa Monica, and it also gives a taste on the awesome music created for the game.

You can check out the video below. If you want to see more about the game , you can watch a similar trailer from yesterday showcasing the Draugr, alongsode a podcast on character and monster design, some more recent artwork, a second batch a third one, and a fourth one.

You can also listen to another really charming talk between Creative Director Cory Barlog and Story Lead Matt Sophos.

Last, but not least, you should take a gander at the beautiful gameplay trailer from E3 2017, and a gallery of gorgeous 4K screenshots.

God of War will finally release in early 2018 exclusively for PS4.

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