PS4 Exclusive Earth Defense Force 5 Drafts Cute Idol for New Commercial

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Today D3 Publisher released a new TV commercial for its upcoming action game Earth Defense Force 5.

Being D3 Publisher, you probably won’t be too surprised that the testimonial in the commercial is cute idol Rina Asakawa from Super Girls.

If you’re not familiar with the Earth Defense Force franchise, it’s a super-cheesy series of games in which the titular Earth Defense Force tackles improbable alien invasions made of giant insects, spiders and even weirder creatures. You can think of it as similar to Starship Troopers, but with the cheese cranked up to eleven, which is what makes it awesome.

You can check out the commercial below. You can also enjoy the latest trailer from Sony Interactive Entertainment’s pre-Tokyo Game Show press conference, which was held in September.

Earth Defense Force 5 is finally coming to Japan on December 7th exclusively for PS4 after a delay announced last summer. A western release has not been announced for the moment, but we can definitely hope.

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