PS4 Exclusive Death End re;Quest Gets Trailer Featuring Charming Opening Cutscene

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Today Compile Heart released a new trailer for its upcoming JRPG Death End re;Quest.

The trailer features the game’s opening animation, that gives a closer look at the game’s cast, including the NPCs that will be encountered in the glitched virtual world, and those in the real world, where part of the story will be set.

We also get to hear the theme song, “Caligula Syndrome” by the Japanese band Gesshoku Kaigi, funnily, it has the same title of the 2002 song by Soft Cell, but they appear to be unrelated.

You can enjoy the video below. If you want to see more, you can check out a gameplay trailer from yesterday,  another trailer from last month showing more gameplay, a batch of artwork featuring the aforementioned waifus and their sexy glitch style, a recent gallery of screenshots showing more characters and mechanics, an older batch of screenshots with the same focus, and even more images.

Death end re;Quest will launch exclusively for PS4 on March 1st in Japan. No western release has been revealed for now, so but since this is a game by Compile Heart, a localization from Idea Factory International is quite likely.

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