PS4 Exclusive Death end re;Quest Gets New Screenshots and More Waifus

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Today Compile Heart updated the official website of its upcoming JRPG Death end re;Quest.

We get to hear more information on the setting of the game.

The VRMMORPG World’s Odyssey is built in Alice Code, a game engine created by the IT company “Agur.” It translates the projection of conscious thought into virtual reality. By creating simple profiles, NPCs can think independently, and AI enabling natural conversations with players is also supported. Game developers around the world have been using this engine thanks to its ability to create realistic worlds.

Enigma is the name of the development studio to which the protagonists belong. It doesn’t have many employees, but each team counts on a few elite-level professionals. They used to work for a publisher, but after the release of Alice Code they decided to develop World’s Odyssey as their own project.

Sakami city is located a bit far away from the downtown area, and in recent years it has become a center for some of the leading IT companies in Japan. Enigma has its headquarters there. Due to rapid redevelopment, a residential area has been created just outside the city. Recently, there have been rumors about a certain frightening “urban legend.”

Lydia Nolan is a character designer from overseas. She wears a fancy dress with a nerdy slant. In addition to more normal tasks, she works on Otome games and even adult titles. She lives to the fullest according to her desires, and she’s not ashamed of that. She and female heroine Shiina have a good relationship, since they’re the same age.

Sumika Tokiwa is a new programmer from another development team not working on World’s Odyssey. She learns that Shiina is trapped in the game, and decides to help the protagonist. She really loves occult stuff.

The game utilizes a turn-based command battle system. Three members can be in the party at the same time, and during battle it’s possible to swap in characters from the rear guard. The order of action is decided by the speed of each character. As the turn progresses, you can move freely, allowing you to place characters in advantageous positions to attack from outside the enemy’s range or launch co-op strikes.

The basic commands are “Command” based on a mechanic named “Rriact,” that lets you select three actions that will be executed. “Action”executes the preset commands. “Change” swaps-in characters from the rear guard, and “Search” displays the information about the enemies and bugs.

Wiothin the Triact system it’s possible to select actions that include Attack, Item, Guard and a lot of different skills. It’s a tactical system with effects changing on the number each action is used. For instance selecting Attack, Guard, Guard will result in a more effective defense.

Some skills have a “Knock Bug” effect, and they can knock the enemies back. When this occurs, you can cause additional damage, and also delete the bugs that are infesting the field. If you hit another enemy with the first you knocked back, you’ll cause damage to both, while targeting another character will activate an attack called “Knock blow,” with additional effects depending on the ally executing it.

You can check out the screenshots below, and if you want to see more, you can also enjoy a previous batchwatch the first trailer, a behind-the-scenes video giving a further glimpse on 3D models, UI and more, and the first screenshots.

Death end re;Quest is in development for PS4, with no announced release window.


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